Week 3

Ava is 3 weeks old

Things I’ve learned this week

  • Even very chilled babies have their screaming fits and their nights when sleep is definitely¬†not part of the plan. It breaks my heart to see Ava cry (she pulls the corners of her mouth down and looks really, deeply miserable as she squeezes fat little tears out of her eyes) but I just have to keep telling myself, “She’s a baby. It’s what they do.”
  • Wedding anniversaries between a couple with a tiny baby are not what they used to be – instead of Cap Classique and a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant with a view of the sea, we made hamburgers at home and exchanged gifts over a 0% alcohol beer (me) and a glass of middling rose wine (Dylan) for our 2nd wedding anniversary last night.
  • Good intentions get bulldozed by easier, more practical solutions when you are running on little sleep and your life revolves around a little person. Like, instead of the chlorine-free, eco-friendly disposable nappies we bought in bulk, and which don’t quite fit her yet, Ava is contributing to landfill sites in her non-bio-degradable Pampers; and instead of sleeping in the nursery, she’s sleeping in our room in her carry-cot (which I swore would never happen).
  • Ava looks really fetching in blue.

Week 2

Ava is 2 weeks old

Things I’ve learned this week

  • Pampers nappies are infinitely superior to Huggies – this is a fact I’ve long suspected to be true, and, after a few days of wee leaking onto leggings and baby-gro’s, I can personally attest to it. Even if you get a huge bag of free Huggies at the hospital – don’t do it.
  • Old ladies LOVE seeing a tall young man with a tiny baby strapped to his chest. Dylan inadvertently ended up at the Fish Hoek Library Craft Market on a Saturday morning (long story, and, hey, it could happen to anyone) with Ava in her sling, and was an instant hit.
  • It turns out that you don’t have to wait 6 weeks or even 4 weeks before you can drive after a C-section – my ob/gyn said at my wound check this week, “look at you, you’re fine, of course you can drive!”. I have been really lucky with my recovery and feel like my old self again: it’s awesome.
  • Nothing can prepare you for the joy of seeing your pre-pregnant feet again after months of swelling and not being able to fit into your favourite pumps.
  • Breast-feeding makes you skinny.
  • Life without chocolate is easier than I’d thought, as long as there’s plenty of Creme Soda to make up for it.

Week 1

Ava is a week old

Things I’ve learned this week

  • The baby that spent 9 months inside me is the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. I can stare at her for hours – and do.
  • A C-section is not “major abdominal surgery”. A day after the op I was walking around my hospital room, and a week afterwards I was pushing the baby in her pram around the neighbourhood. It hurt like hell when I was first ‘mobilised’ but I can’t believe how quickly my body has recovered.
  • Pep sells baby-grows for R12.99!
  • Some babies hardly ever cry. Right now, I have one of those. Hoorah!
  • It is entirely possible to be dead tired and euphoric at the same time.