Week 12

Ava is 12 weeks old

This week:

  • We signed on the nanny to start at the beginning of July. She is amazing with Ava (who has made friends with her) and manages to keep the house spotlessly clean while Ava is asleep. I am infinitely grateful for her, and she will be worth every single cent we pay her. We don’t even begrudge the hefty fee we paid the agency for finding her for us – she’s that good!
  • Ava weighs 5.4 kgs, and is still putting on about 200 grams a week.
  • I’ve started noticing Ava’s eyes changing colour – instead of a solid dark blue, they are now light grey around the pupil with a dark blue ring around the iris. They are very pretty indeed.
  • I have started supplementing one of Ava’s feeds with a formula feed. She seems to like the taste of it, but only manages about a third of what she should get per feed at the moment. Luckily she’s used to taking the bottle. It’s a lot less stressful than I thought the initial transition would be.
  • Ava has turned into a real chatterbox. I guess she didn’t have much choice in this household – she has to really speak up to get a word in edgewise!




Weeks 10 and 11

Ava is 11 weeks old

In the last two weeks:

  • Ava’s baby acne totally cleared up. Her paediatrician predicted that it would have cleared by 10 weeks and it did, almost to the exact day.
  • Her hair has gone properly red – in a certain light, it’s looks just like a shiny copper coin.
  • She’s started burbling a lot, in totally different tones for her different moods. She’s also started doing this really cute thing where she vocalises her yawns sometimes – it really tickles me.
  • I’ve learned the importance of having an internet connection while on maternity leave – I missed feeling connected to other grown-ups.
  • Ava has expressed how very much she hates a change in her routine. We are trying out a nanny this week and Ava¬†screams¬†when I hand her over to the nanny in the mornings, and it hurts my heart. As the days go by she seems to scream for a few minutes less. The nanny’s really good with her and has infinite patience, but I just imagine Ava screaming at her “You’re not my mom! Stop cooing and smiling at me, woman!”
  • Sometimes breastfed babies’ poo goes green, apparently when the mom is eating a lot of salad (in my case, because of my own mother’s ministrations). It’s freaky.

Week 9

Ava is 9 weeks old

This week:

  • Ava has become much more alert and social. She wants to see what’s going on around her and her new favourite spot is on the couch, where we prop her up with pillows so she can look out the window and watch us going about our business, and she chats away. It means she sleeps less in the day and for longer stretches at night. Our record so far is 7 hours and 20 minutes – awesome! It also means that she needs stimulation when she’s awake, but not too much. Now, being passed around from person to person when we’re with our friends leaves her overstimulated and ratty, whereas before she had no problem being treated as a cuddly pass-the-parcel.
  • She has started laughing in her sleep, which Dylan also used to do as a baby, apparently.
  • My mom met Ava for the first time, and confirmed my theory that nobody thinks a baby is as perfect as her grandmothers do.
  • Dylan has been away on a long business trip, and, in her own way, Ava seems to miss him – at the times of day that he would cuddle her, like just before dinnertime, she has been completely inconsolable since he left, even though I or my mom hold her instead. And so now I miss him for both of us.
  • I may have discovered the secret to a happy bath time – classical music. We’ve had no screaming or tears the last four nights in a row while Bach was playing, so maybe Ava is particularly partial to old Johan Sebastian.
  • I have realised how unpredictable a baby’s preferences really are – Ava seems to have no time for the kitsch jungle-animals mobile above her cot (which I actually think is quite cute) or even the pretty fancy swing-seat my mom bought her which rocks at eight different speeds and has a whole baby-activated music-and-lights system. But she absolutely loves this second-hand heinous fluffy orange that hangs above her changing mat. She grins and laughs at it and watches the little mirrors under its cloth feet. It’s a foolproof way to get her to stop crying, putting her on her changing mat and shaking the orange so its feet jangle above her.