Week 20

Ava is 20 weeks old

This week, Ava has laughed. A lot. And we have learned how to capture her chortling on camera. Doesn’t she look like the happiest person on the planet?

She also may or may not have started teething. She’s been rattier than usual (when she’s not laughing) and very drooly. I’ve heard that you can blame pretty much anything on teething – Baby’s moody? Teething! Baby’s sleeping more than usual? Teething! Baby’s sleeping less than usual? Teething! Baby’s started getting annoyed when you put her in her formerly-beloved swing seat? Teething! Baby’s suddenly outgrown all her 3 to 6-month clothes? You get the picture. I’ve stuck my finger into her little gob-hole a few times but can’t feel any teeth pushing through, but maybe they’re just stuck up there in her gums.

She has sampled some pureed butternut, which she doesn’t like as much as she loves her baby ‘dessert’ (which is pure fruit, just FYI – I’m not actually feeding her dessert) – she does a melodramatic little shiver every time I put a spoon full of butternut in her mouth, but then keeps lunging out for more.



Week 19

Ava is 19 weeks old

Things Ava has loved this week:

  • Banana and peach organic baby dessert
  • Having her grandparents’ and aunt’s full attention
  • Staring at the leaves on the trees outside the window blowing in the wind
  • The interesting textures of all her different stuffed toys
  • Going for hikes in the carrier
  • Chatting to her various hanging toys (on her swing-seat and pram, and over her changing mat)
  • Being tickled – her belly-laugh is the best thing in the world
  • Watching TV
  • Standing on Dyl’s lap, and dancing
  • Oskar the cat (such soft fur to bury busy little fingers in!)

Week 18

Ava is 18 weeks old

Here is yet another blog post about me going back on something about which I was really adamant.

It seems Ava became ready to eat solids before I was ready for her to eat solids. I was eating a pear while she was in my arms on Thursday (yes, I am amaaaaazing at multi-tasking) and she started lunging for it with her mouth wide open. So I broke a piece off and held it for her to suck. She was ecstatic! Arms and legs going mad, hugest grin on her little face, and very excited squealing going on, in between mauling the pear with her sticky mouth.

I gave her another piece to suck and she started gnawing on it with her gums. It made such a mess – I finally see the need for bibs (we got a whole whack of them as gifts and hadn’t used them until then because luckily she isn’t a drooly baby – yet).

So when I was at Toys R Us using our Discovery discount to buy a million nappies, I picked up a few jars of organic baby food for 4 months +, and a little bowl and spoon set. It took her a while to get used to the idea of the spoon, but she was very keen to learn and kept lunging for more apple and banana puree when I got home and fed it to her (after washing the bowl and spoon, in case you were worrying about the germs).

This was four days ago, and since then we’ve given her a bit of pear or a bit of that organic puree every day. It makes her so, so happy!

[I realise you are apparently supposed to start on porridge before purees, but I’ll only give her porridge (I bought some organic rice stuff) if she starts losing weight.]

Another exciting thing about this week was that Ava met one of my close friends, who, if we were to do the whole god/spiritual/earth-mother thing, would definitely be one of the forerunners. They fell head over heels for each other. I haven’t seen Ava take to someone as quickly before (including me!). It’s so lovely to watch two of your favourite people get to know each other.




Week 17

Ava is 17 weeks old

I can’t believe that Ava is four months old! This is the month when all sorts of exciting stuff is supposed to happen – teething (for some babies, like Dylan, whose first tooth was discovered by his parents on the day he turned 4 months old), solid food, sitting upright…

But I think we’ll wait a while on the solid/pureed food. For one thing, it seems like a huge mission – formula and breast is so easy – and for another, I’ve read that they should have at least doubled their birth weight before you introduce food other than formula and breast. It’ll take about another month before Ava has picked up enough weight. She’s doing so well at the moment that I’m reluctant to introduce a change any time soon.

On another note, formula poo is the most revolting thing in the world. Ava’s breast-milk poo was really inoffensive, so I had come to the conclusion that those movies that show parents going ballistic when they open the baby’s nappy, and coming up with all kinds of schemes to get the other parent to change the baby, were grossly exaggerating the situation. But recently I’ve realised that if the movie babies were on formula, that kind of reaction is totally justified. I actually threw up a bit in my mouth the other day when I had to change Ava’s poo nappy. And yesterday, when it was Dylan’s turn (we’ve stopped volunteering to change Ava’s nappy – initially we both quite liked doing it, it was a good, constructive, easy thing to do), she had somehow got the poo all the way up to her belly-button, so she had to be dunked in the bath immediately.