Week 34

Ava is 34 weeks old

Ava is 34 weeks old

Ava is 8 months old today! She’s eating three meals a day (rice cereal with almond butter for breakfast, protein+veg for lunch and veg and yoghurt for supper) and sleeping for around 11 hours at night.

She understands the word “Oskar” – the name of our other little ginger – and has started saying “Os, os, os” when she sees him. She also says “dadadadadada” but not to anyone or anything in particular.

She can pull herself up to her feet and is crawling backwards but hasn’t managed to get a forward propulsion.

She has started needing hair clips and headbands to keep her hair out of her eyes, and toothpaste to brush her four little teeth with (the teeth that have come out on her top gum appear to actually be her canines, so she’s going to have a really nice gap until her incisors come out).

Other than last week’s fall, and choking on a piece of nectarine skin (which thankfully she coughed up by herself without needing me to do any emergency procedure on her) and pulling the nursery unit of the baby monitor onto her head (giving her her first ever bruise), she’s been totally healthy and uninjured for each of those 8 months. Which I think is a major achievement on her parents’ part.


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