Week 41

Ava is 41 weeks old

Ava is 41 weeks old

Thankfully, unlike last week, I have very little to report – no funny tummy bugs or fevers in the last 7 days.

There’s a new tooth – her 7th all in all – peeking through her bottom gum.

She’s started pulling herself up on the coffee table, her toy box, and our legs. Her nanny thinks she’s going to be walking any day now, but I think it’ll be a while still (*crosses fingers*).

She went for her first hike, up Chapman’s Peak, riding in Dylan’s fancy backpack, on Monday evening, and was literally open-mouthed with amazement at being so close to all the low-hanging branches of the trees in the milkwood forest. By the time we got home after a long walk on the beach, she was so exhausted that she fell asleep in her cot immediately, without even a little grumble or screech. Definitely the first time that’s happened.

While I was cuddling her last night before I put her down to sleep I noticed that she’s got little ankles now – she never used to have them. And now she does, and they are so tiny and perfect. Ankles – something only a mother could love.

When she turns 10 months in just under 2 weeks’ time, she’ll be moving to her new big car seat (which she can keep until she’s two), and will probably have to go to an opthalmologist to have a probe stuck into her tear duct to clear it – unless it miraculously clears itself in the next 11 days. Unlikely, but I am ever hopeful.


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