Week 51 (final post)

Ava is a year old

Ava is a year old

Dear Ava,

I’m sure this collection of my thoughts on the first year of your life will make you deeply uncomfortable when I finally turn it over to you. Who knows where WordPress or even the internet as we know it will be in 15 or 20 or 30 years’ time – so if all goes according to plan, by the time you read this, these posts will be printed out and bound into a book.

As you leaf through it, I hope that you can see how much you are loved. Even when you weren’t sleeping, and were sick, and when you interrupted our lovely lunches with your meltdowns in classy establishments – I hope you can tell that you have been treasured and loved and celebrated every single day of the first year of your precious life.

Right now, you’re weeks, maybe even days away from walking. You talk a mile a minute (not in any language that we can understand, except for “mama” and “dada” and “no”), cling to me when I hand you over to your beloved nanny Naume before I leave for work, you love your Fisher Price mobile phone, you headbang and bop up and down when you hear music with heavy bass, you love eating vegetable mash and baby Cheese Curls (not at the same time), you adore the cat and your dad and me, you play with your long wisps of copper-coloured hair while I feed you your bottle (which you are not looking ready to give up any time soon), you give high-5s and have the most adorable, kick-ass little sense of humour (which you share with your dad, of course – it could not have been any other way), and you’ve got this personality and strong-headedness that just overflows in everything you do. You are just so YOU, and you are so perfect.

So, my angel-cupcake (and your dad’s pumpkin-sausage) – happy first birthday.

I can’t wait to see you growing up.

Love (and more),

From Michelle – your mother